2017 Christmas Shoe Boxes for Emerging Nation Children

An initiative of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church


Instructions for Christmas Shoe Boxes for the North Georgia Conference

Boxes must be marked with ages (2-12) and whether it is for a boy OR girl.

Suggested items that may be included are listed, but not limited to:

    1 pr. Flip Flops (Each box needs one pr.)   Marbles (no more than 5/baggie)

Small Dolls                                   1 pr. Socks for Sunday

Small balls & Hand pump?                      Wash Cloth

                                    Soap                                                       Toothbrush & medium toothpaste

Comb and Brush                                      Small Hand Mirror

Underwear (underpants & t-shirt)             Hot Wheels Cars

Shorts & tee-shirts (boys & girls)             Dresses – McDonalds Toys

School Supplies: Pencils (limit 4), paper, 5 crayons, colored pencils, small pencil sharpeners, etc.

Young Girls:  Barrettes, ribbons, bows, headbands, scrunches, ponytail holders, etc.

Girls 9 years or older:  please include a training bra (Size 28 or 30) and blouse.

Liquids should be in a zip lock bag.

Absolutely no food, candy, bubble gum or suckers.

Tips for filling the boxes:

Do not over fill the box.  Bulging boxes will not fit in the shipping case.

  • Fill each box.  Each box should be filled equally for consistency and fairness to the children who receive them.
  • Use a Sharpie pen to mark the boxes.  Carefully mark BOTH sides of the box.  The two sides are for:
  1. One side displays contents required by customs that lists the items included in the box.
  2. One side is the customs declaration that the contents are a gift not to be sold and with no intrinsic value. Check BOY or GIRL and AGE.
  • The boxes may be decorated.  DO NOT cover up the customs statements on both sides of the box.
  • Use cellophane packing tape to close the boxes.  DO NOT fold the boxes closed.


Include $5.00 for each box.  You may make out one check for your entire group.

The money pays $2.50 for shipping and $2.50 to transfer the boxes to the villages after arriving in country.

Make checks payable to:

“Christmas Shoe Box Ministry”

  1. M. Disaster Relief Warehouse

P.O. Box 1133

Decatur, AL 35602


            The Advent Coloring booklet tells the Christmas story.  Coloring book pages have been translated in Spanish land are available on request by email to:  terry767@bellsouth.net.  The book requires three pieces of paper printed on both sides and may be printed at your church office.


Completed Christmas Shoe Boxes may be returned at the UMW Annual Meeting on October 7, 2017, Griffin FUMC

Boxes may be returned before October 7th at the following pick-up locations:

Tuckston UMC
4175 Lexington Rd
Athens, GA  30605
Contact:  Kae Brown